Sexed Semen - Fast Track Your Future
- Get odds in your favor with 90% female sperm cell purity
- Create a healthier herd with your own replacements
- Gain more heifers for expansion and faster genetic progress
- Grow with confidence using genetics tested to perform in progressive dairies


The technique used to isolate the female sperm cells results in 90% purity. That means a 90% chance that a conception will produce a female embryo, which compares to about a 50% chance using conventional semen. The product is recommended for use on virgin heifers showing good signs of estrus.

Progressive dairy producers can Fast Track Your Future™ by taking advantage of the benefits of Alta511 Sexed Semen. More heifers from the pregnancies created, reduced bio-security risk, and proven fertility performance in the Advance semen straw, combined with the confidence of using genetics tested in progressive dairy environments to define the Alta511 Sexed Semen brand.


The way Alta gathers information through the Advantage® program is so stringent. When I see a bull proof from Alta, I know it will hold up better than a proof from any other company.
Clifford Hanehan
1400 cows, New York