AltaUniversity, Dairy Manager School



The multi-faceted Dairy Manager School is geared to help participants learn, identify and access unrealized profit potential in all operational phases of the dairies they manage. Instruction covers a wide

range of dairy diagnostics topics, advanced reproduction, AI program management, genetic planning and genomics, labor organization and management, and business decision making. The instructional team features well known and highly regarded academic and industry leaders.




"It was the best dairy manager program that I have attended. It wasn't a big sales pitch or had several vendors there. It was objective and to me that is more valuable than conferences that are trying to sway people to a certain product or service."

                                                            - Kyler Ohlde, AltaU Graduate, 2010


The way Alta gathers information through the Advantage® program is so stringent. When I see a bull proof from Alta, I know it will hold up better than a proof from any other company.
Clifford Hanehan
1400 cows, New York