CheeseMaker, Designed with Components in Mind

Around the world dairymen agree that high producing, long wearing, healthy cows are key to a sustained profitable enterprise. Still, the way in which dairymen are rewarded for the milk they ship varies tremendously. For some, much of the milk that is produced finds its way to fluid markets in nearby urban centers. For a growing number of producers, however, much of the milk that is delivered is used to satisfy the growing demand for cheese.



For over a decade now in most markets, the consumption of milk has stagnated while the demand for traditional and specialty cheeses have expanded rapidly. Not surprisingly, processors who create these products have devised payment systems which reward producers for the constituents in the milk as opposed to simply paying on volume. It's a trend that has been evolving for several decades.


Alta Genetics recognizes that the way in which dairymen are paid for the milk they produce will determine the way in which they approach genetic selection options. Individual producers will differ on the traits they demand in conjunction with high component yield. Some dairymen will demand that their CheeseMaker bulls offer Calving Ease, while others will demand exceptional Type. Still others will focus on longevity traits like Productive Life and Somatic Cell Score. With Alta's CheeseMaker lineup you can expect a full spectrum of choice from a wide variety of pedigrees – all tailored to maximize revenues when components are key!



The way Alta gathers information through the Advantage® program is so stringent. When I see a bull proof from Alta, I know it will hold up better than a proof from any other company.
Clifford Hanehan
1400 cows, New York