ConceptPlus, The Industry Standard for Fertility Performance

Ten years ago Alta took the lead in the industry to develop its own proprietary way of evaluating the performance of semen products on farm. The objective was to "prove fertility" in commercial environments where the semen would predominantly be used – progressive dairies that are aggressive with their reproduction. Since then the ConceptPlus evaluation has consistently performed and has been fully embraced by customers. ConceptPlus can now truly be considered 'time-tested.'


ConceptPlus is considered the industry standard for fertility performance. Sire fertility evaluations are based on vet-checked pregnancies from within Alta Advantage® herds. The information is updated quarterly and is based on a bull's most recent performance, thus breeders can be confident in the use of ConceptPlus bulls to increase conception rates and fertility on their farm and, in turn, increase herd profitability.


 What sets ConceptPlus apart from other sire fertility evaluations?

The two most important components of any evaluation are accuracy and data integrity. These criteria are the foundation of the ConceptPlus evaluation, and continue to help the program earn the status of the most accurate measure of sire fertility in the industry.


1) Accuracy

Like other evaluations, ConceptPlus sire fertility estimations adjust for the herd, year, and month of breeding. However, within Concept Plus evaluations, other important environmental factors that affect fertility are also corrected for. Accounting for these additional effects ensures that ConceptPlus evaluations are the most accurate and complete sire fertility evaluations possible.


2) Data Integrity

Regional initiatives to estimate sire fertility have been hampered by a lack of resources, by underlying political motivations, and by incomplete data. As a result, the information reported does not always reflect the best possible estimations of sire fertility. Alternatively, performance data used in ConceptPlus evaluations is gathered directly from Alta Advantage® partner dairies and every herd on the program is involved in the evaluation. Moreover, every sire used in these herds is included in the fertility analysis in order to assure the data remains objective. When all is said and done, only those sires with significantly above average fertility results, when compared to their peers in commercial settings, are awarded the esteemed ConceptPlus status.  



The best sire fertility evaluation will continue to get better!

Traditionally we gathered data from the AltaAdvantage® herds in the US to calculate ConceptPlus evaluations for sires used in those herds. Now through the addition of the Global Advantage® and the AdvantageDRIVEN® programs, Alta will gather additional fertility data from new participating partner herds. The standard of accuracy and integrity will endure through program expansion.


Furthermore, the extension of the Advantage program to AdvantageDRIVEN® and Global Advantage® will allow us to collect more data on the fertility of bulls very early in their career. This means a more reliable measure of sire fertility early in life which is of particular importance now in the genomic era. The combination of more herds, more units of each bull used in these herds, and more data on sire fertility at a young age will lead to even more accurate ConceptPlus information.


Imagine that... the best, most precise, and most accurate sire fertility evaluation available will only continue to get better!




The way Alta gathers information through the Advantage® program is so stringent. When I see a bull proof from Alta, I know it will hold up better than a proof from any other company.
Clifford Hanehan
1400 cows, New York