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The Alta G-STARs program represents an opportunity to fast forward genetic progress on your dairy. By using this group of sires that possess the highest genetic potential of bulls sampled in the Alta Advantage® program, you can dramatically reduce the time it takes to make maximum genetic progress.

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Since the inception of Advantage® in 2001, the program has revolutionized the AI industry remaining to this date one-of-a-kind and a step ahead of the rest. Today's evolving dairy industry, with its growth and heightened potential for genetic progress, calls for a new chapter in the Advantage® story. And so, through broadening the scope of the traditional program while improving on its most important benefits, Global Advantage® and AdvantageDRIVEN® were born.


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The FutureStar program offers Alta's best future candidates to clients sooner. Bulls selected for FutureStar are 3 and 4 year-old bulls whose combination of genomic parent average with actual Alta Advantage® progeny test results for sire calving ease, sire stillbirth and sire fertility make them, as a group, of significant interest to clients in advance of being fully proven. FutureStar bulls represent Alta's strongest candidates for successful future graduation into the proven lineup.

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ConceptPlus is the industry standard for fertility performance. Sire fertility evaluations are based on vet-checked pregnancies from within Alta Advantage® herds. The information is updated quarterly and is based on a bull's most recent performance, thus breeders can be confident in the use of ConceptPlus bulls to increase conception rates and fertility on their farm and, in turn, increase herd profitability.

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Producers who emphasize health traits such as Daughter Pregnancy Rate, Productive Life, Calving Ease, Stillbirth and Somatic Cell Score are appreciative of Alta's HealthPlus program. The health index Alta created focuses on management traits, thereby simplifying the genetic selection for longer lasting, trouble-free cows.

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Alta Genetics recognizes that the way in which dairymen are paid for the milk they produce will determine the way in which they approach genetic selection options. CheeseMaker sires are designated so based on above average yield for component traits in order to match market trends and maximize revenues.  

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