The FutureStar program offers Alta's best future candidates to clients sooner. Bulls selected for FutureStar are 3 and 4 year-old bulls whose combination of genomic parent average with actual Alta Advantage® progeny test results for sire calving ease, sire stillbirth and sire fertility make them, as a group, of significant interest to clients in advance of being fully proven. FutureStar bulls represent Alta's strongest candidates for successful future graduation into the proven lineup.


How is FutureStar different from other products and programs?

There's a tendency to group all unproven bulls the same - from the day they are sampled until the day they are officially proven. In fact, over this three year period their indexes are continually gaining reliability – and for calving traits and fertility some early proof information too which is the reason for establishing the FutureStar program. As 1st crop proven sires, reliabilities continue to rise as daughters provide additional lactations and survivability information. And reliability continues to improve when second crop daughters arrive. It is useful to imagine a sire's career and the proving process as a continuum that a bull steadily passes through.

The continuum concept is important as it ends the traditional black and white thinking that is attached to "proven" vs "unproven". It also gives rise to out-of-the-box thinking and programs like FutureStar. Others may market their own version of a genomic tested sire-in-waiting product, but remember: they are not Alta Advantage® tested. Extra accuracy from ConceptPlus fertility data and calving trait data continues to ensure that FutureStar cannot be duplicated.


The way Alta gathers information through the Advantage® program is so stringent. When I see a bull proof from Alta, I know it will hold up better than a proof from any other company.
Clifford Hanehan
1400 cows, New York